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CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching certification enables the ability to plan, implement, verify the troubleshoot of local as well as  wide area networks and work together with our professional experts.This course module covers top to bottom investigation and  preparing about IP Routing.You will learn here like arranging, building and testing safe LAN & WAN arrangements utilizing changed sorts and number of directing conventions i.e EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IPV6 and so forth.Evershine Career  offers preparing on CCNP R&S course .there are so many students who come across the world to learn this CCNP Course. We offer Smart classrooms fully equipped, live racks, Wi-Fi connectivity, Digital Pads which are the best CCNP R&S preparing labs in Noida . 

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If you want  CCNP certification then you are at right place.we provide the best ccnp training in noida.Cisco has created the CCNP Networking because to understand the advance skills of computer networking especially in the area of support and Installation of LAN/WAN infrastructures.The CCNP Routing and Switching certification is right course for you if you have at least one year of networking experience and you are ready to gain your skills in networking field .CCNP Course help to work independently on complex networking solutions.Evershine Career is one of the most recommended CCNP Training Institute in Noida. we offers here practical knowledge and  live projects so that  you can implement your knowledge and skills durring course and we will also ensure the job with the help of advance level CCNP course .If you want to enhance your knowledge and skills then you are at right place Here you will get the best CCNP training in Noida.

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Unit 1: Preparation

  • How To Prepare For Cisco CCNP R&S

Unit 2: Routing Fundamentals

  • IPv4 Explained
  • IPv4 Header Fields
  • Introduction To ARP
  • DHCP Server
  • DHCP Relay
  • Introduction To TCP And UDP
  • TCP Header Fields
  • TCP Window Size Scaling
  • TCP Bandwidth Delay Product
  • ICMP Explained
  • How To Configure Static Route On Cisco IOS Router
  • Unicast Flooding Due To Asymmetric Routing

Unit 3: EIGRP

  • Introduction To EIGRP
  • Basic EIGRP Configuration
  • EIGRP PacketsEIGRP Neighbor Adjacency
  • EIGRP Static Neighbor
  • EIGRP Passive Interface
  • EIGRP Neighbor And Topology Table
  • EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing
  • How To Configure EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing
  • EIGRP K Values
  • EIGRP K Values Configuration
  • EIGRP Hold Time And Hello Packets
  • EIGRP Stuck In Active
  • EIGRP Summarization
  • EIGRP Auto-Summary
  • EIGRP Authentication
  • EIGRP Default Network Route
  • EIGRP Stub
  • EIGRP Filtering With Distribute-List
  • EIGRP Filtering With Prefix-List
  • EIGRP Route-Map Filtering
  • EIGRP Over Frame-Relay
  • EIGRP IP Bandwidth Percent
  • EIGRP Router ID
  • EIGRP Named Mode

Unit 4: OSPF

  • Introduction To OSPF
  • OSPF LSAs And LSDB Flooding
  • OSPF Plain Text Authentication
  • OSPF MD5 Authentication
  • OSPF LSA Types
  • OSPF Packets And Neighbor Discovery
  • OSPF Router ID
  • OSPF Passive Interface
  • OSPF DR/BDR Election
  • OSPF Reference Bandwidth
  • How To Configure OSPF Default Route
  • OSPF Non-Broadcast Network Type
  • OSPF Broadcast Network Type
  • OSPF Point-To-Multipoint Network Type
  • OSPF Point-To-Multipoint Non-Broadcast Network Type
  • OSPF Point-To-Point Network Type
  • OSPF Next Hop With Network Types
  • OSPF Hello And Dead Interval
  • OSPF Summarization
  • Introduction To OSPF Stub Areas
  • How To Configure OSPF Stub Area
  • How To Configure OSPF Totally Stub
  • How To Configure OSPF NSSA (Not So Stubby) Area
  • How To Configure OSPF Totally NSSA (Not So Stubby) Area
  • OSPF Virtual Link
  • OSPF LSA Type 3 Filtering
  • OSPF LSA Type 5 Filtering
  • OSPF Path Selection Explained
  • OSPF Distribute-List Filtering
  • OSPFv3 For IPv4

Unit 5: Redistribution

  • Introduction To Redistribution
  • Redistribution Between RIP And EIGRP
  • Redistribution Between OSPF And RIP
  • Redistribution Route Tagging
  • Troubleshooting Metric Redistribution
  • Troubleshooting AD Redistribution

Unit 6: Route Selection

  • Administrative Distance
  • CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding)
  • Cisco Offset-List Command
  • PBR (Policy Based Routing)
  • IP SLA (IP Service Level Agreement)
  • IP SLA With Static Routes
  • IP SLA With Policy Based Routing

Unit 7: BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

  • Introduction To BGP
  • How To Configure EBGP (External BGP)
  • EBGP Multihop
  • IBGP (Internal BGP) Explained
  • BGP Peer Groups
  • BGP Private And Public AS Numbers
  • How To Read The BGP Table
  • How To Advertise Networks In BGP
  • BGP Auto-Summary
  • IBGP Next Hop Self
  • BGP Neighbor Adjacency States
  • BGP Messages
  • BGP Weight Attribute
  • BGP Local Preference
  • BGP AS Path And Prepending
  • BGP Origin Code
  • BGP MED (Metric) Attribute
  • BGP Regular Expressions
  • BGP Filtering With Regular Expressions
  • BGP Transit AS
  • BGP Soft Reconfiguration
  • BGP Route Refresh Capability
  • MP-BGP (Multi-Protocol BGP)

Unit 8: IPv6

  • Introduction To IPv6
  • Shortening IPv6 Addresses
  • How To Find The IPv6 Prefix
  • IPv6 Address Types
  • IPv6 Address Assignment Example
  • IPv6 EUI-64 Explained
  • IPv6 Summarization Example
  • IPv6 Solicited Node Multicast Address
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • IPv6 Stateless Autoconfiguration
  • How To Configure DHCPv6 Server
  • How To Configure IPv6 Static Routing
  • How To Configure IPv6 RIPNG
  • How To Configure IPv6 EIGRP
  • How To Configure IPv6 OSPF
  • OSPFv3 Authentication
  • IPv6 Redistribution Between RIPNG And OSPFv3
  • IPv6 Access-List
  • BGP IPv6 Route Filtering On Cisco IOS
  • IPv6 Tunnelling Over IPv4
  • IPv6 Automatic 6to4 Tunnelling

Unit 9: Remote Site Connectivity O DHCP Client

  • Introduction To NAT And PAT
  • How To Configure Static NAT
  • How To Configure Dynamic NAT
  • How To Configure PAT
  • PPP (Point To Point Protocol)
  • PPPoE Server And Client
  • MTU Troubleshooting
  • GRE Tunnelling
  • GRE Tunnelling Recursive Routing Error
  • IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)
  • Encrypted GRE Tunnel With IPSEC
  • VRF Lite
  • EVN (Easy Virtual Network)
  • Introduction To MPLS
  • MPLS Labels And Devices
  • MPLS LDP (Label Distribution Protocol)
  • MPLS Layer 3 VPN Explained
  • Introduction To DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint VPN)

Unit 10: Router Security And Management

  • Introduction To CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Router Security Policy
  • Standard Access-List
  • Extended Access-List
  • Time-Based Access-List
  • Infrastructure Access-List
  • URPF
  • AAA 802.1X Authentication
  • SNMPv2
  • SNMPv3
  • Syslog
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Cisco NetFlow

Unit 1: Preparation

  • How To Prepare For Cisco CCNP R&Amp;S
  • How To Build A CCNP SWITCH Lab

Unit 2: Campus Network Design

  • Ntroduction To Campus Network Design

Unit 3: VLANs And Trunking

  • Introduction To VLANs (Virtual LAN)
  • How To Configure VLANs
  • Static MAC Address Table Entry
  • 1Q Encapsulation
  • How To Configure A Trunk Between Switches
  • DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) Negotiation
  • How To Change The Native VLAN
  • VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol)
  • VTP Version 3
  • Protected Port
  • Private VLANs (PVLAN)

Unit 4: Spanning-Tree

  • Introduction To Spanning-Tree
  • Spanning-Tree Cost Calculation
  • PVST (Per VLAN Spanning Tree)
  • Spanning-Tree Port States
  • Spanning-Tree TCN (Topology Change Notification)
  • Spanning-Tree Portfast
  • Spanning-Tree UplinkFast
  • Spanning-Tree Backbone Fast
  • Rapid Spanning-Tree (RSTP)
  • Rapid Spanning-Tree Configuration
  • MST (Multiple Spanning-Tree)

Unit 5: Spanning-Tree Toolkit

  • Spanning-Tree BPDUGuard
  • Spanning-Tree BPDUFilter
  • Spanning-Tree RootGuard
  • Spanning-Tree LoopGuard And UDLD
  • FlexLinks

Unit 6: Etherchannel

  • Introduction To Etherchannel
  • Layer 3 Etherchannel

Unit 7: Switch Virtualization

  • Introduction To Switch Virtualization
  • Stackwise
  • VSS (Virtual Switching System)

Unit 8: Inter-VLAN Routing

  • Routing Between VLANs
  • CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding)
  • Unicast Flooding Due To Asymmetric Routing

Unit 9: Gateway Redundancy

  • Introduction To Gateway Redundancy
  • Hot Standby Routing Protocol
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  • Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
  • IP SLA (Service-Level Agreement) On Cisco IOS
  • Reliable Static Routing With IP SLA

Unit 10: Switch Security

  • Port Security
  • AAA And 802.1X Authentication
  • AAA Authentication On Cisco Switch
  • VLAN Access-List (VACL)
  • Storm-Control
  • VLAN Hopping
  • DHCP Snooping
  • ARP Poisoning
  • DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection)

Unit 11: Network Management

  • How To Configure DHCP Server On Cisco IOS
  • Cisco IOS DHCP Relay Agent
  • SDM Templates
  • Cisco IOS Syslog Messages
  • Introduction To SNMP
  • How To Configure SNMPv2 On Cisco IOS Router
  • How To Configure SNMPv3 On Cisco IOS Router
  • Introduction To Cisco NetFlow
  • Cisco Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)


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